How A Simplified Checkout Page Helps You To Reduce Transaction Bounce Rates

Your website may experience high transaction bounce rate due to various reasons. Online shoppers have limited time and want to navigate easily around a site. They quickly abandon broad categories and tedious checkout processes, and you lose revenue. You, therefore, should understand the intention of users visiting your website.

How long does it take customers to make a payment? Ensure the checkout page is simple and the steps involved are easy and a few. Here are some ways of making a simple checkout page:

  1.  Make Your Forms Easy and Simple to Fill

You want visitors to transact easily and quickly. A simple form requires brief information about the users and their credit card. Visitors get frustrated with a complicated form and leave without completing the transaction.

Ensure your form is straightforward and easy to fill. You should request for only the information necessary for an online transaction such as name, email, and credit card details.

  1.  Make Use of Google Autofill

Many online shoppers use either Android or Google Chrome. They save most of their relevant personal information with Google. You, therefore, can add Google Autofill in your check out forms to make the filling process fast.

Both desktop and mobile browser support the auto fill facility, and it is easy to implement.

  1.  Secure Online Payment Gateway

Visitors may fear to enter their credit card details in your checkout forms. Some websites leak private information to third parties. Let your clients feel safe by assuring them that their personal information is secure. Customers will get the confidence to complete a transaction if you tell them that the online payment gateway is secure.

  1.  User Intent

You should strive to understand the intention of those visiting your website. Some visitors want only to buy a particular product from your site. Reduce the number of mandatory fields in the checkout form before getting to the payment stage. A user will find it easy and fast to complete a transaction.

  1.  Use Mobile Friendly Forms

A large number of customers are using mobile as their favorite shopping platform. Increase conversion rate for your site by having a checkout form for smaller screens. You can use some of these tips:

  • Align form fields vertically for easier navigation
  • Put fewer images to allow forms to load faster on the mobile phone
  • Get rid of multiple steps and menus in the checkout form
  • Maneuver and use elements in the mobile user interface to choose quantity
  • Allow users to select a date using their phone’s date selection interface
  • Choose large buttons for your checkout form
  1.  Payment Options and Pricing

Do not add hidden pricing and fees. Customers abandon the cart at checkout when unexpected charges appear. Let customers be aware of payment gateway charges and shipping fees before making the decision to buy. You may include a calculator to the shopping cart.


There are many other ways to reduce transaction bounce rates. Start with these six tips to improve your checkout page and combine it with excellent customer support. You can start by checking your checkout page to see what needs to be added or removed.


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